Bagoes Teak Shower Bench.

We made and export more than 300.000 pieces of teak shower bench or Teak Shower Chair ! Worldwide

We have the most deep specialize expertise and experience on making of teak shower bench, teak shower seat, teak shower chair !.

Bagoes Teak Shower Bench are made from good quality of teakwood from Indonesian state forestry company legal teakwood. Compliance to European Union Timber Legality Assurance System. We made it double strong to handle more than 400 lbs of weight, yes 400lbs of weight!  so your customer can happily sit and abused it.

Bagoes Teak Shower Bench after 8 years of abused under the shower without any treatment. 8 YEARS OF ABUSED still strong, sturdy and looks beautifully awesome.

Bagoes Teak Shower Bench after 8 years of abused

Teak Shower Bench for your Home or Spa

You will not find a better shower bench than a teak shower bench, as one of the best woods for indoor teak furniture out there is teakwood. It is highly resistant to moisture, and insects that enjoy eating wood, therefore it makes it a very good choice for outdoor indoor teak furniture. It is also well known to hold up well under extreme environmental conditions.

Because of its well-known resistance capabilities to the elements, such as rain, cold and heat, it is one of the most sought after Woods for outdoor indoor teak furniture as well as indoor teak furniture for your shower room.

Any type of normal wood would fall apart or start deteriorating after being exposed to the elements for a while, but not teak. Teakwood is one of the only known woods that can hold up well under constant wetness and humidity.

If you are looking for a shower bench for your bathroom, then you will not find a better one than a teak shower bench. Not only are these extremely resistant to humidity, they are also elegant and luxurious.

These shower benches can either be used as a place to sit outside of your bath, or they can be used in the shower itself as a place to sit and relax underneath a nice hot shower. It is easy to see why these are a sought after piece of bathroom indoor teak furniture.

There are many different types of shower benches out there, ones made out of metal and plastic, but as far as safety and lasting goes you won’t find better than teak. When you’re sitting down in the shower, it would be much better to have the feel of nice smooth wood rather than the feel of metal or cold plastic.

Metal and plastic is also a lot more slippery than the surface of a teak shower bench, which can bring up issues of safety. There are other types of wooden benches out there for your shower as well, but you’ll notice over time that these cheaper woods will have a tendency to start growing mold and deteriorating, and they will also not hold their shape like teak.

You will not find another type of wooden indoor teak furniture that is going to hold up as well as teak in your bathroom conditions. Because of the well-known strength and durability, as well as the quality of the wood, these are not cheap shower benches.

In fact they can be regarded as a rather expensive item. The higher prices of teak are due to the fact that the availability of it is pretty low. The Indonesian government has limited the use and harvesting of teak trees so that they can preserve their forests and propagate them. It is just simple supply and demand.

As more and more people would like to have this type of indoor teak furniture in their households and bathrooms, it simply becomes harder to get which drives up the price. Even with the high prices of this indoor teak furniture though it is a worthwhile investment, as an investment in a teak shower bench will last you many many many years.

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