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certificate number 00482-LVLK-002-IDN 

Indonesia Timber Legality Assurance System

SVLK stands for Sistem Verifikasi Legalitas Kayu, or Timber Legality Assurance System in English.  It is designed to  check the legality of timber from the forest through to the point of export using independent auditors.

This is an Indonesian effort to assure the legality of its timber products, which is in line with the trend of major timber  market globally and will meet this stronger demand for legal timber. The Government of Japan applies ‘Goho6wood’ or  Green’Konjuho’ which requires that timber imported into the country comes from legal sources. The Government of  the United States of America amended the ‘Lacey Act’, aimed at avoiding import of illegal timber into the country. The  European Union issued Regulation No. 995/2010 (Timber Regulation) obliging operator to possess irrefutable proofs  that timber products that they trade do not come from illegal sources and prohibiting illegal timber.

This regulation will also be revised because SVLK is considered to have much more credibility and acceptance in  international markets because the system independently gives evidence of the legality Indonesian timber through  physical verification in the forest or factory.  “Endorsement” will be replaced by the “publication of timber legality  documents” or VLegal document, by the Conformity Assessment Bodies (auditors) for industry with the SVLK legality  certificate.

What is VLegal document? An SVLK (TLAS) certificate guarantees that the operator / timber industry has complied with legality standards and criteria.  Companies that comply with the SVLK need to attach a VLegal Document to their shipments for export.

The  VLegal Document specifies that the timber products being shipped comply with the legality standard as stipulated in  the Indonesia regulation.  Thus the VLegal Document provides assurance that the timber and timber product is legal.   VLegal Documents are issued by Conformity Assessment Body (or “LVLK” in Indonesian) as for SVLK certificates.

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Indonesia Timber Legality Assurance System

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