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Welcome to Bagoes Teak Furniture and thanks for your interest in our teak furniture.

The Bagoes Teak Furniture collections of Minimalist Modern, Classical and Garden furniture are all made using many traditional techniques combine with modern techniques, then controlled with high standards. The most important thing is we kiln dried every wood before production, We used tenon-mortise joinery in all joint, Wood-wood panel using tongue & groove or spline joint, Panel are floating panel, We used PU glue and Epoxy Glue, We double strength with L iron or Dove tail.

The use of Teak, result in a richness of finish to highlight natural grain and depth of color found in all high quality furniture. Complimenting the use of beautiful timbers are our fittings of bright and antique brass. A further enhancement is achieved by using quality bevelled glass, where applicable. Then for garden furniture we used solid brass, some brass even custom made to made more stronger and provide better construction

We work continually with the official parties owning the plantations management to ensure that everything to do with our use of Teak is environmentally correct. We also take great care that all our manufacturing activities following good environmental practices for the good of both our own employees and the people of the local communities.

The main ranges of our furniture are depicted on this site, but We welcome for any design of custom-made and made to order furniture for you at a competitive price. We maintain the heritage of quality and commit prompt delivery to achieve of our customer’s satisfaction.

We wish for a mutual business relationship with you.

Bagoes Teak Furniture, Sustainable Solid Strong and Stylish
established since 1998

Jl. Ratu Kalinyamat KM 1 No. 2 Jepara, Indonesia.
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We run and managed our factory very efficient, therefore we can sell our furniture at very best competitive price.

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The right factory is the most important factors choose Bagoes Teak Furniture with more than 30 years experienced in the teak furniture industry

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