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It can be difficult to actually define what modern furniture is. Whatever time we live in is always modern to us so all furniture is modern at some point in time. After some time considering a definition I finally decided on one that I thought I could be happy with. To be considered modern a piece of furniture would have to be unique from any styles that have come before it.

It may take its inspiration from more classical pieces but it would have to be markedly different in design to qualify as distinctly modern furniture. Wood is one of the most common materials for furniture and has been used for thousands of years but many craftsmen still find new ways of creating modern styled pieces of furniture out of it. So too has iron been used in the manufacture of furniture but we can still find many examples of modern furniture made from this material. Perhaps modern furniture manufacturers are more likely to use a symbiosis of the two.

Plastic and resin are relatively new materials so any outdoor furniture made from these must be examples of modern outdoor furniture. Often associated with cheaper furniture these materials, when used properly can create beautiful, long lasting and sturdy furniture. You can even find pieces of resin and plastic furniture that looks just like wood but does not require any of the care usually needed for their wooden counterparts. What’s even more ingenious is that a lot of this furniture is made from recycled PET bottles. How good is that. Trendy and environmentally friendly in the same package.

Wood and metal together is often seen to great effect in modern outdoor furniture. All metal furniture does become prone to heating up if let out in the sun so a shady spot is ideal to avoid accidental burning. Many designers use wood as the seat to prevent this problem.

The design of your home in general will be a major influence in your choice of modern outdoor furniture. It’s no surprise that your tastes in house design will have a large bearing on your furniture choices as well. A person who likes the idea of a quaint country cottage won’t be interested in furniture made with a distinctly architectural flare. Personalities of people are not cast in stone so you will find exceptions. Some people like to mix and match to create unique contrasts in their living environment.

When you’re talking about modern outdoor furniture you are talking about the most diverse range of shapes sizes, use, functions, manufacturing materials and affordability. More so than any other style of furniture. If you are after a unique look than you should consider the more modern pieces. There is so much to choose from you should be spoilt for choice.

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