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Teakwood is a beautiful wood, but it will only looks its best if you take good care of it. If you have outdoor benches, then you need to make sure you maintain it properly, so that it will continue to look fabulous in your home garden for many years to come. Teak is durable, stable and beautiful, even under extreme climatic conditions.

Over time, however, it will start to crack and become damaged unless it’s maintained.  Benches are finished in a variety of ways, including natural, sealed, oiled and varnished. This is the case whether your teak bench if for indoor or outdoor use. Naturally an interior bench isn’t subjected to the weather in the same as outdoor furniture, so will require a lot less maintenance.

Even benches don’t require a huge amount of effort to keep them in top condition. If your exterior bench is oiled, then you should apply teak oil to it every six months. At the most, once a year. This will keep the wood supple and moist, and prevent it drying out and cracking. If your oiled teak bench is indoors, then keeping it dusted is basically all that’s required, although you can apply a coat of oil at any time if you feel it’s necessary. When you oil your bench, make sure the wood is completely dry before you start.

Start at the top of your bench, using a clean cloth or brush, and gradually work your way from the top down. Try and avoid letting any excess oil drip. It takes a couple of minutes for the oil to get tacky, and once that happens, wipe it with a clean cotton cloth to remove any excess oil. For sealed and varnished benches, polish is the way to keep it looking good.

Besides being environmentally friendly, reclaimed teak furniture products comes with a unique character of its own, which can never be found in new wood. The antique appeal imparted by teak wood to the interior decor of a home is simply unparalleled. These days, an increasing number of people are using reclaimed teak furniture for furniture, and other architectural details in their houses or offices.

The reclaimed teak furniture is a better choice for home decor mainly due to the following reasons:
1. Aesthetic and antique appeal – the furniture made of reclaimed teak wood looks aesthetically rich and the antique appeal comes with it naturally.

2. Eco-friendly option – those who are concerned about the rapid deforestation, sudden climatic changes, global warming and other environmental concerns love reclaimed wood for its Eco-friendliness.

3. Stability and durability – made of teak wood reclaimed from the 19th century old houses, warehouses, railroad base, and other long standing buildings, the furniture made of reclaimed teak wood is certainly sturdier and more durable than any other wood.

There are various reclaimed teak manufacturers offering wood products at discounted prices. However, by offering low cost, it should never be misunderstood that you will have to compromise on the quality of products you purchase. In reality, these online reclaimed teak vendors save on the expenses of setting up a retail facility and employing extensive staff. The savings made this way are translated in to huge discounts for the customers.

You can further choose from an array of furniture made of reclaimed teak wood such as reclaimed teak beds, granary console, sideboard, mirrors, home accents, reclaimed teak tables and desks, and so on.. Furthermore, these online vendors will help you obtain the particular recycled teak furniture you are looking for. All you have to do is send them an email indicating your choice. In addition, because most of these vendors ship regularly internationally, you can expect your desired products to reach you in minimum time.

Rustic teak furniture that is designed specifically for the outdoors looks great and it is also exceedingly purposeful. The rustic touch definitely adds to the whole look of your teak outdoor furniture, thus helping you feeling closer to the nature and enjoying all the comforts of your home outdoors.

Rustic teak furniture is the newest trend in the world of home decoration and in all probability, this rustic fashion is here to stay for years to come. Outdoor patio furniture is most commonly produced with teak wood, however, other types of wood such as pine and cedar might also be used.

One major cause of concern while buying outdoor teak furniture is its ability to withstand adverse climatic conditions. The effects of these climatic conditions can be easily seen on the wood, coating, as well as on other parts of the furniture. Now a days, most outdoor furniture companies offer items that are waterproof and that age gracefully under the sun”s rays.

One fine technique for giving a face-lift to your home is to bring some texture into it. Decorating with a rustic style involves making use of the natural color and texture of construction materials like wood and metal. The rich texture that comes with rustic furniture adds more style, drama, and movement to your house. Wood rustic furniture also comes with charm. Since it is made of natural material, it easily blends and harmonizes with any room, style or setting.

Teak furniture brings relaxation and serenity, making the house more warm and natural-looking. In today”s marketplace, the term rustic furniture could mean a handcrafted piece or an imitation rustic piece. Usually these imitations are made up of particle wood products or strong plastic.

If you wish to preserve the natural color of the wood, you may finish the furniture with waterproof finish. Many manufacturers also offer a variety of outdoor paint colors as well. Rustic teak furniture blends perfectly with your teak outdoor furniture adding a tinge of design and color to the environment. It seems so much more relaxing than patio furniture made from plastic, composite or other materials.

Rustic teak furniture brings back the nostalgic memory of countryside living into your urban apartment or home. This will keep your home environment more in balance. It never goes out of style and easily harmonizes with any style as long as they are used in limited numbers.

Elegant and comfortable furniture like Adirondack style chair, rocker chairs, benches and tables made out of rustic teak can provide artistic and lavish outlook to your backyard. So bring out your hidden creative ideas and put them into work. Make your house standout today!.

There are times that you get bored of staying inside the house. You feel suffocated with the high walls of your room that you want to go out for some fresh air to breathe. Indeed, it is refreshing to spend few hours in the patio with the cool air touching your skin on one of the lazy summer afternoon. You can do lots of things in your outdoor area just as long the weather is fine. You can spend time in your patio alone or with family and friends. Patio or backyard is another place in your premises that you can acquire comfort.

With all the things you want to do outside, you then need to provide it with things such as outdoor furniture like chairs, tables and more. These are the things that you can really make use of whenever you are outside for a glass of cold drink while reading and the table to which you can place the foods whenever you choose to have a snack outside.

Outdoor furniture makes your outdoor space attractive through the modern or traditional elegant styles and designs of the furniture. Above all, one important quality of furniture that must be taken into account is the durability of each piece.

Most of the furniture used outside the house is made of the best durable materials like wood and poly-resin. Yet, it is still important that you choose the best among the best pieces of furniture. If you prefer wood furniture, the best kind to select is the Teak Outdoor Furniture.

Teak is considered to be the most durable kind of wood with natural characteristics such as oil that makes the wood resistant to weather and climate changes. This makes the furniture that is made of teak to last for a long time and you can even give it as one of the family heirloom in the next generation of your family.

Teak outdoor furniture or teak garden furniture or teak patio furniture

Teak outdoor furniture or teak garden furniture or teak patio furniture has become very popular these days because of the natural beauty of the wood. However, apart from its aesthetic appeal, there are various other benefits of choosing this wood. Teak contains natural oils in order to survive in the rainforest where it grows, hence it is naturally resistant to outdoor elements, insects, and rot. Consequently, even though teak furniture is generally a little more expensive compared to oak, redwood, or cedar, its natural durability and strength makes it well worth it.

Teak outdoor furniture or teak garden furniture or teak patio furniture is made of a tropical hardwood, which has a rich, honey hue, when it is new. But, as the teak ages, along with exposure to the elements, it begins getting a patina of silver gray. As a matter of fact, this is exactly how outdoor teak furniture that has aged finely can be distinguished. The thing with teak is that if this silver gray patina is left on the furniture, without it being treated, it is not possible to get back the original honey color of the wood.

Even though the change in the color does not make a difference to the durability and strength of the furniture, it does make a difference to its looks. Hence, if you are thinking of getting yourself outdoor teak furniture, you need to decide whether you want it to become silver gray as it weathers or maintain its original honey brown color.

Use Teak Protector On Your Teak outdoor furniture or teak garden furniture or teak patio furniture
Teak outdoor furniture manufacturer or teak garden furniture manufacturer or teak patio furniture manufacturer experts recommend applying a teak protector if you want to maintain the original golden brown color of your outdoor teak furniture. This teak protector helps in maintaining the color of the furniture for a single season, after which it needs to be reapplied.

However, it is not recommended to use teak oil on Teak outdoor furniture or teak garden furniture or teak patio furniture due to the high maintenance that is involved in the process. The teak oil will have to be reapplied every three months so that the brown finish is maintained. Experts are also of the opinion that oiling outdoor teak furniture can cause irregular coloring or mildew.

The process of graying, when the furniture is left outdoors without the teak oil or teak protector, takes about nine months, depending on the exposure to elements like the sun and rain. If you like this naturally weathered look, then the only care required for your outdoor teak furniture is regular cleaning.

Use a Cleaning Solution To Maintain Your Outdoor Teak Furniture
A solution made of a 25:75 mixture of a bleach with a mild detergent in water is ideal for this cleaning purpose, which can be done with a soft bristle brush. Once the furniture is cleaned, the entire piece should be rinsed thoroughly to get rid of all the cleaning solution or dirt residue. This method of cleaning is quite adequate, both for your weathered furniture as well as the golden brown ones.

These days, you can also get products, known as teak cleaner, which can be used to bring back the natural color of teak furniture if it has been allowed to weather into its silver gray color. Irrespective of how long the furniture has been left outside, they can be restored to their original honey brown color using the teak cleaner. This restorative process is quite easy without requiring any hard scrubbing.

Avoid Painting Or Staining Your Outdoor Teak Furniture
Some people opt for painting or staining their outdoor teak furniture. However, teakwood furniture experts frown on this practice, as the natural oil that occurs in the wood will prevent the stain or paint adhering to it. But, if you do want to stain or paint your outdoor teak, it is best to get expert advice about what is recommended to be used.

While Teak outdoor furniture or teak garden furniture or teak patio furniture is left outside all year round by some people, others think it is better to bring them indoors during inclement weather conditions. But, if you do decide to keep your teakwood furniture outside, then you need to ensure that pools of water does not collect on the furniture or that it is not kept on wet ground. However, the best part of teak furniture is that, because it is a hardwood, it is resistant to swelling, shrinkage, and warping. Plus, its natural oil preserves the furniture, without the smooth finish splintering, resulting in it looking wonderfully beautiful for many years. With proper care, your Teak outdoor furniture or teak garden furniture or teak patio furniture will last a long time indeed.