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Our furniture projects and ideas Make Your Patio an Extension of Your Home Create an ultra-comfortable space by adding the same comforts you enjoy in your living room. — Outdoor furniture with plush cushions provides a great place to relax. — A vine-covered pergola casts shade and provides protection from rain. — A stylish lantern suspended from the pergola adds extra light at night. Click here for more pergola ideas. on Teak Outdoor Furniture

Our furniture projects and ideas Above the dining table, which is surrounded by chairs from Studio van den Akker, is a light by Jason Koharik. “My favorite building is the Chrysler Building, and I think this echoes the lines of it,” says Behun. Fittingly, the Chrysler Building is visible out the window opposite this table. The artwork on the right is by Lynda Benglis. “It’s so sculptural, it looks like it’s floating, and I love that,” Behun says. on Looks nice furniture