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  3. TV Cabinet, Wardrobe, Armoire, Buffeet, Dresser, Dressoir, Reclining Chair, Bench, Chairs, Dining Tables, Living Room, Bed Set

Indoor Teak Furniture 2
Indoor Teak Furniture 3
Indoor Teak Furniture 4
Indoor Teak Furniture 5
Indoor Teak Furniture 6
Teak bed1
Teak bed2
Teak bed3
Teak bed4
Teak bed5
Teak bed6
Teak bed7
Teak bed8
Teak bedding1
Teak bedding2
Teak bedding3
Teak coffee table1
Teak coffee table2
Teak coffee table3
Teak console
Teak console1
Teak dining table1
Teak dining table2
Teak dining table3
Teak dining table4
Teak dining table5
Teak drawer1
Teak drawer2
Teak drawer3
Teak dressoir1
Teak dressoir2
Teak dressoir3
Teak side table1
Teak side table2
Teak side table3
Teak side table4
Teak TV cabinet1
Teak TV cabinet2
Teak TV cabinet3
Teak vitrine cabinet1
Teak vitrine cabinet2
Teak vitrine cabinet3
Teak vitrine cabinet4
Teak wardrobe1
Teak wardrobe2
Teak wardrobe3
Teak wardrobe4
Teak wardrobe5
Teak wardrobe6
Teak wardrobe7


Mix and Match with high quality material.

Classic furniture with minimalist touch can be matched with modern lifestyle,
or even looks and feel more beatiful, homey and reflecting your classy modern state of living




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Bagoes Teak is one of the most popular Teak Furniture Manufacturer in Europe. Our factory in Jepara are supplying customer with high quality furniture to all over the world: USA, Canada, Caribbean, South America, Japan, Korea, Singapore, Middle East, Turkey, South Africa, Russia, Greece, France, Germany, Belgium, Netherlands, Uk, Irlandia and Scandinavia.

Our main customer is importer, wholesaler also furniture shop. so they can gain more profit by purchasing our high quality with affordable price furniture.

Somehow we run and managed our factory very efficient, therefore we can sell our furniture at very competitive price

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