1. Top Finest Teak Furniture Manufacturers from Indonesia, Exporter and Wholesaler

  2. We made top Indonesian furniture at highest quality export to the world

  3. TV Cabinet, Wardrobe, Armoire, Buffeet, Dresser, Dressoir, Reclining Chair, Bench, Chairs, Dining Tables, Living Room, Bed Set

Indonesian Furniture Manufacturer

  • We are Indonesian finest indoor and outdoor teak furniture maker and exporter.
  • We made Fine teak furniture also cheap teak furniture with finest quality.
  • We made furniture efficiently to give you competitve factory price.
  • We received order by customer design.

Wood Quality

Indonesian Legal WoodSVLK Certificate No. 00482

We are Top Quality Indonesian Furniture Factory Which only using Legal wood from Indonesian-state-forestry-company - PT. Perhutani.

We are proud to be responsible SVLK - Indonesian Legal Wood - Furniture Manufacturer

Construction Quality

  • We Kiln-dry to 9% with MC equilibrium to 12%-15%
  • We used tenon-mortise joinery in all joint
  • Wood-wood panel using tongue & groove
  • Panel are floating panel
  • We used PU glue and Epoxy Glue.
  • We double strength with swallow tail

BAGOES TEAK Furniture - FINEST Indonesian Teak Furniture Manufacturer

BAGOES TEAK Furniture - FINEST Indonesian Teak Furniture Manufacturer, 5.0 out of 5 based on 51 rating
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We Made Best Indonesian Teak Furniture ..!

Welcome to Bagoes Teak Furniture, The Indonesian Furniture Manufacturer.

We made Indoor Furniture and Outdoor Furniture.


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Facts About Wood Products - Tips for Recycling Wood Products

Have you ever stopped to think of how many wood products we use in our lives? From the houses in which we live to the chairs in which we sit, we are in constant use of items made with wood. Here are a few facts to consider:

  • In 2003 alone, the EPA found the U.S. produced roughly six million tons of wood waste.
  • The average person uses enough wood and paper products annually equivalent to a100-foot-tall Douglas fir (about 74 cubic feet).
  • Wooden frames are present in 94 percent of all new homes.
  • The average home contains about 13,000 board feet of framing lumber.
  • Wood is a valuable resource. Mulch and fuel applications pay between $12 and $24 per ton. Salvaged or reused wood are the highest-valued items.
  • Beyond typical household reuse, recycled wood can become a number of products, such as lumber, engineered wood products, mulch or compost feedstock, biomass fuel and other miscellaneous items such as animal bedding or wood flour.
  • Beyond these uses, recycled wood products also provide an opportunity for your own creative expression, such as in crafts, furniture, art, toys, tools and construction.

Wood is the only 100 percent renewable, recyclable, reusable and biodegradable resource we have, making the stewardship of wood products an invaluable step in conserving resources.

Tips for Recycling Wood Products

For improvement projects around your home or office, green your wood use by looking for the following:

  • Certified sustainable wood
  • Composition woods or engineered wood products
  • Salvaged, reclaimed or re-milled lumber
  • Recycled content sheet goods, such as recycled newsprint, agricultural byproducts or wood waste
  • Instead of installing hardwood floors, check out cork and bamboo, which grow faster than typical hardwood

By purchasing and utilizing products made from recycled or reclaimed wood products, not only do you prevent a valuable waste from entering landfills, but you also contribute to the demand for manufacturers to continue to produce these products.

Deconstruct With Care

An important consideration when recycling wood is the way in which you disassemble old wood products. Known as “deconstruction,” this process is defined as “a process to carefully dismantle or remove useable materials from structures, as an alternative to demolition. It maximizes the recovery of valuable building materials for reuse and recycling and minimizes the amount of waste land-filled.”

Be sure to carefully deconstruct any wood products you are looking to replace. By leaving them intact, you enable another person or organization to utilize your waste.

Buying Wholesale Teak Furniture – Top Quality Control

The teak furniture industry has grown immensely, in spite of the soaring cost of the furniture. The demand created by the home collectors for the products have helped both the wholesalers’ and retailers to earn huge profits.

In the highly competitive industry, the wholesalers have to be prudent in the purchase of the product. They have to surf the sites to get valuable information on the source of the raw materials and directory and inventory of manufacturers.

You have landed here, Bagoes Teak Furniture - Finest Teak Furniture manufacturer. Check our Furniture Catalog to proceed

Teak trees are found mostly in Indonesia and Myanmar and therefore the manufacturers from these countries would be able to supply authentic products for a best deal. Fear of spurious stuff can also be avoided.

Knowledge of the wood and the intricacies of the industry should also be acquired to avoid being cheated by some manufacturers. They resort to treating furniture of other wood with teak oil or by artificial grains and are sold in the market in place of teak wood.

Authentic teak wood are used for outdoor furniture like the patio or the garden furniture. The strong and durable quality helps in withstanding the environmental odds. The very strength of the wood is proved by its use in the shipping industry.

If you wish to deal with authentic wholesale teak furniture from indonesia furniture wholesaler and outdoor teak garden furniture manufacturer.

You have come to the right place.

Bagoes Teak Furniture is Sustainable, Solid, Strong and Stylish...!

Proudly Made in Indonesia


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Just wanted to inform you that I got the container last week and am extremely impressed with the quality and workmanship of the dining tables and cabinets! It was truly worth the wait! I start selling more furniture this season, I can certainly say that I will be purchasing additional furniture in the future, Thank you for Such great quality and Damn good looking products!!!

Christ C.
One Very HHHHHHappppy Customer!!!!