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  3. TV Cabinet, Wardrobe, Armoire, Buffeet, Dresser, Dressoir, Reclining Chair, Bench, Chairs, Dining Tables, Living Room, Bed Set

Indonesian Furniture Manufacturer

  • We are Indonesian finest indoor and outdoor teak furniture maker and exporter.
  • We made Fine teak furniture also cheap teak furniture with finest quality.
  • We made furniture efficiently to give you competitve factory price.
  • We received order by customer design.

Wood Quality

Indonesian Legal WoodSVLK Certificate No. 00482

We are Top Quality Indonesian Furniture Factory Which only using Legal wood from Indonesian-state-forestry-company - PT. Perhutani.

We are proud to be responsible SVLK - Indonesian Legal Wood - Furniture Manufacturer

Construction Quality

  • We Kiln-dry to 9% with MC equilibrium to 12%-15%
  • We used tenon-mortise joinery in all joint
  • Wood-wood panel using tongue & groove
  • Panel are floating panel
  • We used PU glue and Epoxy Glue.
  • We double strength with swallow tail
BAGOES TEAK Indonesia Finest Indoor Teak Furniture Manufacturer, Outdoor Teak Furniture Manufacturer, Patio Teak Furniture Manufacturer, Teak Garden Furniture Manufacturer at Efficient Factory Price, Good Price and Service , Worldwide exporter from Jepara, Indonesia, 5.0 out of 5 based on 53 rating

The Home of Solid Teak Wood,
Best High Quality Indonesian Teak Furniture

We are VERIFIED INDONESIAN LEGAL WOOD Furniture Manufacturer, with SVLK Certificate No. 00482

We are popular as efficient Finest Indoor Teak Furniture Manufacturer



TEAK WOOD – Not pine, not rosewood, not mahogany, maple nor elm, but reclaimed, beautiful, expensive solid teak at competitive factory prices.

Our Solid Recycled TEAK – Solid, NOT VENEER… Pure reclaimed solid teak.

We are finestly manufacturing teakwood for teak indoor - outdoor furniture, and now bringing you quality solid Recycled Teak pieces for the indoors.

Furniture has always been an integral part of home decoration. Your customer may look to invest in a good furniture. Wooden furniture was the best choice for investment, It is not rusted. Especially teak wood furniture with good classic design, it has proven can stands for generations, and we choose to manufacture the only special wood, "TEAK WOOD"

We ARE Teak. We ARE specialized on TEAK .....Dare to compare quality and price.

Sustainable, Solid, Strong and Stylish...!

We Manufacture :

- Including: Shop CabinetVitrine CabinetWine CabinetBookcaseWardrobesArmoire.

DRESSOIR - Including: BuffeetDressoirTV Cabinet / TV StandsChest and Drawer.

TABLE - Including: dining room furniture,Coffee TablesDining TablesConsoles and Side tables.

CHAIR - Including: Dining ChairsSofasBench and Rocking Chair.

OUTDOOR FURNITURE- Including: Folding ChairsStacking Chairs, Deck Chair, BenchesTablesPlantersParasol


These products can be made from new plantation teakwood or by using  recycled - reclaimed teak wood taken from old houses.

Our Manufacturer also manufacturing customer special design, We made Indoor and Outdoor Furniture by Using Teakwood from government plantation. We do not use other wood in our manufacturing process only solid teakwood and teak plywood or plywood made by using teak wood (teak veneer).

Teak Tree or Tectona Grandis, was not indonesian original tree, it is planted massively by the dutch in the colonial era, so it is not coming from the forest. And Indonesian-state-forestry-company, Was very strict on harvesting it, they always planted other tree before harvesting it. So naturally we are using sustainable teak wood which is not coming from forest (Indonesia do not have teak tree either in the natural forest or tropical jungle), It is by default naturally coming from plantation.

We manufacture A grade quality. For those interested in finding a good source for cheap Indonesian furniture. we made B grade quality.

When you order and buy from us, you are buying furniture made from 100% genuine Indonesian plantation grown teak wood,  kiln dried and made with improved construction quality. The Indonesian plantation teak are known as one of the sustainable highest quality teakwood in the world

Our Products are sell with guarantee, check our guarantee statement here.

Our Factory are located in Jepara, a northern small area in the Central Java which also famous as the center of indonesian furniture production and we supplies some of the largest furniture manufacturers in Europe and USA.

Teak has always been highly praised wood. The application for tall sail ship deck, was a proved that for centuries we know this wood can stand hard weather. It comes from tree called tectona grandis. In commercial, there are lots of other woods finished like teak and sold as teak, this fake teak wood are mostly from China. You needs to be very careful while buying it.Then teak itself have different quality. The sapwood parts, doesn’t have the same robust densed than teak made from the heart of the tree. This makes heart wood more valuable than sapwood, which makes heart teak more expensive.

We as Teak Furniture Manufacturer always looking to maintain and improved quality while findings ways to be more effective and efficient cost to manufacture furniture, this will benefit you as our client to get relatively cheaper price, so you can gain more profit.

If you decide to buy for selling any teak wood furniture, you will definitely looking for long term mutual relationship, so make sure that you are looking for manufacturer who can cooperate with you, giving you insight even solution to made cheaper items with better quality, Make sure you order from us.

Teak wood, Beautiful as it is !!!!!
Bagoes Teak Furniture is Sustainable, Solid, Strong and Stylish...!

Proudly Made in Indonesia with INDONESIAN LEGAL WOOD

Teak Wood QualityIndonesian FurnitureWholesaler and Exporter


Teak Wood Furniture we sell to Worldwide

Teak hout

Teakhout of teak is zeer populair voor buitentoepassingen en heel erg duurzaam. Teak is afkomstig van de boomsoort Tectona grandis dat groeit in de bossen van India, Laos, Myanmar (het vroegere Birma) en Noord-Thailand. Omdat teakhout in de afgelopen eeuwen een groot commercieel succes werd, probeerden ook andere landen de houtsoort de kweken, zoals Indonesië.  Deze Java teak staat bekend onder de naam Djati.

Het kernhout van teak uit de natuurlijke bossen van Myanmar en Indonesië is zeer duurzaam; het hout  van de teakhout plantages zijn wisselend in hardheid (maar ook in kleur en gewicht).

Teakhout is erg goed bewerkbaar, je kunt het gemakkelijk zagen, schaven, frezen en boren. Omdat het hout kalk bevat, is het belangrijk hardmetalen werktuigen te gebruiken. Als teakhout niet behandeld wordt, vergrijst het op natuurlijke wijze. Het hout kan met alle gangbare merken gebeitst worden, maar ontvet dan wel eerst het oppervlak. Met speciale teakolie wordt vergrijzing voorkomen en krijgt het hout extra glans.


Mit Teak entscheiden Sie sich für die Königsklasse unter den hochwertigen Gartenmöbeln. Dennoch legen Sie sich mit Teakholz nicht auf einen Stil fest. Denn Gartenmöbel aus Teakholz bieten von geradlinig und modern über mediterran bis hin zu ländlich-rustikal für nahezu jede Fasson eine hochwertige Auswahl an Tischen, Stühlen und Gartenbänken. Nur eines legen Sie durch die Entscheidung für Teakholz fest: Sie setzen auf allerfeinsten Geschmack im Garten.

Teak Furniture we sell to Worldwide 2

Welkom by Indonesië Fine Teak Meubels Vervaardiger, verkoper van binnenshuise teak en tuin teak, waarborg met 'n goeie prys.

Mirë se vini në Indonezi Bukura dru tik Mobilje Prodhuesi, shitësi e orendi shtëpie tik dhe kopsht tik mobilje, të garantuar me çmim të mirë.

Ongi Indonesia Arte Teak Altzariak Fabrikantea, indoor teak altzariak eta lorategi teak altzari saltzaileak, prezioa ona bermatzen.

Сардэчна запрашаем у Інданэзіі выяўленчых мэбля з цікаў дрэва Вытворца, прадавец мэблі для дома з цікаў дрэва і мэбляй з цікаў дрэва саду, гарантаваць з добрай цане.

Dobrodošli u Indoneziji Fine Teak Namještaj proizvođač, prodavač namještaja u zatvorenom tikovine i vrtnom garniturom od tikovine, garantujem dobru cijenu.

Добре дошли в Индонезия Fine тик мебели Производител, продавач на закрит мебели от тиково дърво и градински мебели от тиково дърво, гарантира с добра цена.

Benvingut a Indonèsia Belles teca Fabricant de mobles, venda de mobles de teca interior i mobles de teca de jardí, garantir amb bon preu.

Dobrodošli u Indoneziji Fine tikovine proizvođač, prodavatelj unutarnji namještaj od tikovine i vrt namještaj od tikovine, jamstvo uz dobru cijenu.

Vítáme Vás na Indonésii Fine teakového nábytku výrobce, prodejce vnitřního teakovým nábytkem a zahradním nábytkem z týkového dřeva, záruka s dobrou cenou.

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I received my furniture last week. They are so gorgeous, thank you so much for being patient with me and helping me through out this process. I already have more customer that will be ordering special order with you in August and probably many more after that. Thanks so much, it's lovely!!! I can't verbally express how happy I am with it. Thank you!!!!

Best Regards