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We made our furniture not only depends on skill, the skill which came from our ancestor, but also combined it with modern technology and approach.

Back to the colonial era, since the VOC (Verenigde Oost-Indische Compagnie, a dutch company which is the biggest company on earth in 17th century) control the realm of Indonesia. The VOC start planting teak tree from coniferous area in India and made the biggest Teak Plantation in java to supply wood for their shipyard, The VOC also introduce jepara people to making furniture with the style quite similar to the mission and shaker style of Amish furniture, The VOC bring Jepara product of handcrafted skill in furniture to be well known in Europe.

Now came the modern way of producing furniture, we adopt it, while not forgetting the way our ancestor making furniture.
Our indoor furniture style is continental classic whish is quite the same style as Amish furniture style

So every furniture you buy from us have some uniqueness, size can be mm difference. wood grain are definitely different. but the most important thing is the construction is mostly the same.

Sustainable Solid Strong and Stylish.

We separate our workshop and warehouse, this way to maintain cleanliness of final product, and both of the place are 2500 m2 each.
So it spacey enough to handle several batch of your container.
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Bagoes Teak is one of the most popular Teak Furniture Manufacturer in Europe. Our factory in Jepara are supplying customer with high quality furniture to all over the world: USA, Canada, Caribbean, South America, Japan, Korea, Singapore, Middle East, Turkey, South Africa, Russia, Greece, France, Germany, Belgium, Netherlands, Uk, Irlandia and Scandinavia.

Our main customer is importer, wholesaler also furniture shop. so they can gain more profit by purchasing our high quality with affordable price furniture.

Somehow we run and managed our factory very efficient, therefore we can sell our furniture at very competitive price

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