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Teak Furniture Care

Teak Furniture Care

Teak is an long lasting weather resistant hardwood. The naturally high oil content makes this wood stable when exposed to a range of climatic conditions.


Unfinished Teak Furniture

Untreated or unfinished teak weathers with time to a silver grey color & can be maintained fundamentally with a periodic cleaning to remove accumulated dirt & some stains.

A centuries elderly favourite of marine builders, teak has become popular for furniture manufacturing. Teak makes an excellent choice for outdoor furniture.

Using a warm water & soap or detergent solution, gently scrub the wood in the direction of the grain. Rinse thoroughly & permit to dry before use. Using a pressure nozzle on your garden hose will help to loosen most dirt & debris that has accumulated in corners & crevices.

Pressure washing your teak furniture ought to be completed with extreme care as destroy could result from the use of excessive pressure. A pressure of 1200psi or less is .

Fine-tune the nozzle to a fan pattern as against a tiny jet stream & maintain 6-10" between the nozzle & the furniture surface being cleaned.

Pre-wetting the furniture will help to soften dirt build up & need less pressure washing.

Pressure washing may raise the grain of the wood & need a light sanding with a medium-fine sandpaper when dry. Sand lightly, following the direction of the grain of the wood. Sanding across the grain will leave visible scratches & need additional sanding to remove these scratches.

Some outdoor furniture dealers offer teak furniture care kits from the manufacturer & home centers usually have similar kits available in the paint department.


Finished & Oiled Teak Furniture

Finished or oiled teak furniture will need regular care to maintain the finish. Following the manufacturers recommendation for the reapplication of the oil/finish whenever the color fades will help to preserve the new look of your outdoor teak furniture.

Most kits recommend a thorough cleaning & rinsing, allowing the furniture to dry , followed by a light sanding prior to the application of the oil or finish coat. Be positive to follow the manufacturers instruction to accomplish the best results.

Teak furniture makes an excellent choice for outdoor living & if properly maintained, will last a lifetime. In case you are unable to perform the regular maintenance, contact a professional refinisher in your area for assistance.

Caring for teak indoor furniture and teak outdoor furniture

Many finer homes and businesses feature stunning teak indoor furniture and teak outdoor furniture made from teak. Although the obvious reason is the beauty that comes from teak, there is a lot of benefits to choosing this type of wood. Saturated with natural oils necessary to survive the rainforest where teak grows, this wood is naturally resistant to rot, insects, and outdoor elements. Therefore, while the cost of teak indoor furniture and teak outdoor furnitureis usually a tiny over you would pay for cedar, redwood, or oak, the fact that this furniture is strong and long lasting, it is money well spent.

However, because you will spend more for quality teak indoor furniture and teak outdoor furniture, it is important to know how to look after your teak patio furniture to enhance its beauty and help it last even longer than normal. Keep in mind that the lovely thing about teak is that it can be made for both teak indoor furniture and teak outdoor furniture. Irrespective of where the teak furniture is placed, you can be sure it will look stunning and complement any home or patio.

The key with teak indoor furniture and teak outdoor furniture is to make use of products that will bring out its natural color. Since teak varies from a blonde to golden amber to a rich, warm caramel, choosing the right product is important. Regrettably, even with teak, if any wood furniture is left outside without being treated, it will battle the elements. The advantage of choosing this material is that it is the ability to fight a tiny harder. However, by using quality products to look after your teak furniture, it will retain its smooth finish, stay strong, and last for years longer.

You will discover a substantial number of excellent products on the market specifically designed for teak furniture. In addition, there is some things you can do as well. To help remove the build-up of moss, you ought to wash off your teak furniture occasionally with lovely, elderly school soap and water. make sure you do the washing by hand, seldom using a power washer that can destroy the furniture. You also require to make sure any soap used is unhazardous. Fundamentally check along together together with your local gardening middle or ironmongery shop for the best product sold in your area.

Now, some people prefer to apply a finish to their furniture, which is fine. For this, you have several lovely options. Keep in mind, in the event you require you can permit the teak furniture to weather naturally. To do this, you literally do nothing. Fundamentally leave the teak furniture outside in the elements, allowing the environment to weather by itself. With this, you will still require to wash the teak furniture with soap and water, about time a year.

Another option for your furniture is to make use of a wood oil sealer. Again, teak naturally contains oil but with a sealer, this oil will maintain in the wood grain so it lasts longer. important note - only use oil sealer on indoor furniture and seldom on outdoor teak in that the additional oil will cause the wood to turn black from mildew. Now, if your teak furniture has been painted, you can protect it with a stain preservative. In this case, you require stain that is semi-transparent and with a UV inhibitor. Keep in mind that teak furniture manufacturers strongly discourage people from painting teak because it ruins the natural color and beauty while blistering and peeling over time from the oil. With a few simple steps, you can look after your teak furniture and have the confidence that it will give you years of beauty and enjoyment.


Teak outdoor furniture or teak garden furniture or teak patio furniture

Teak outdoor furniture or teak garden furniture or teak patio furniture has become very popular these days because of the natural beauty of the wood. However, apart from its aesthetic appeal, there are various other benefits of choosing this wood. Teak contains natural oils in order to survive in the rainforest where it grows, hence it is naturally resistant to outdoor elements, insects, and rot. Consequently, even though teak furniture is generally a little more expensive compared to oak, redwood, or cedar, its natural durability and strength makes it well worth it.

Teak outdoor furniture or teak garden furniture or teak patio furniture is made of a tropical hardwood, which has a rich, honey hue, when it is new. But, as the teak ages, along with exposure to the elements, it begins getting a patina of silver gray. As a matter of fact, this is exactly how outdoor teak furniture that has aged finely can be distinguished. The thing with teak is that if this silver gray patina is left on the furniture, without it being treated, it is not possible to get back the original honey color of the wood.

Even though the change in the color does not make a difference to the durability and strength of the furniture, it does make a difference to its looks. Hence, if you are thinking of getting yourself outdoor teak furniture, you need to decide whether you want it to become silver gray as it weathers or maintain its original honey brown color.

Use Teak Protector On Your Teak outdoor furniture or teak garden furniture or teak patio furniture

Teak outdoor furniture manufacturer or teak garden furniture manufacturer or teak patio furniture manufacturer experts recommend applying a teak protector if you want to maintain the original golden brown color of your outdoor teak furniture. This teak protector helps in maintaining the color of the furniture for a single season, after which it needs to be reapplied.

However, it is not recommended to use teak oil on Teak outdoor furniture or teak garden furniture or teak patio furniture due to the high maintenance that is involved in the process. The teak oil will have to be reapplied every three months so that the brown finish is maintained. Experts are also of the opinion that oiling outdoor teak furniture can cause irregular coloring or mildew.

The process of graying, when the furniture is left outdoors without the teak oil or teak protector, takes about nine months, depending on the exposure to elements like the sun and rain. If you like this naturally weathered look, then the only care required for your outdoor teak furniture is regular cleaning.

Use a Cleaning Solution To Maintain Your Outdoor Teak Furniture

A solution made of a 25:75 mixture of a bleach with a mild detergent in water is ideal for this cleaning purpose, which can be done with a soft bristle brush. Once the furniture is cleaned, the entire piece should be rinsed thoroughly to get rid of all the cleaning solution or dirt residue. This method of cleaning is quite adequate, both for your weathered furniture as well as the golden brown ones.

These days, you can also get products, known as teak cleaner, which can be used to bring back the natural color of teak furniture if it has been allowed to weather into its silver gray color. Irrespective of how long the furniture has been left outside, they can be restored to their original honey brown color using the teak cleaner. This restorative process is quite easy without requiring any hard scrubbing.

Avoid Painting Or Staining Your Outdoor Teak Furniture

Some people opt for painting or staining their outdoor teak furniture. However, teakwood furniture experts frown on this practice, as the natural oil that occurs in the wood will prevent the stain or paint adhering to it. But, if you do want to stain or paint your outdoor teak, it is best to get expert advice about what is recommended to be used.

While Teak outdoor furniture or teak garden furniture or teak patio furniture is left outside all year round by some people, others think it is better to bring them indoors during inclement weather conditions. But, if you do decide to keep your teakwood furniture outside, then you need to ensure that pools of water does not collect on the furniture or that it is not kept on wet ground. However, the best part of teak furniture is that, because it is a hardwood, it is resistant to swelling, shrinkage, and warping. Plus, its natural oil preserves the furniture, without the smooth finish splintering, resulting in it looking wonderfully beautiful for many years. With proper care, your Teak outdoor furniture or teak garden furniture or teak patio furniture will last a long time indeed.


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